If you are coming by subway, go to Exit Number 3 of Sungsu Station and follow the direction indicated by the arrow on the map.
  A Course : If you are coming from the Dountown(Tuksom) by automobiles, please make a left turn at the straight signal indicated on the map and drive along "Automobile A" course.
  B Course : If you are coming from Chamsil(Gunkuk University) area, drive "B Automobile" Course right before Sungsu Station indicated on the map.
   Location Change
    Our Office currently located at Ulchiro has moved to Sungsu-dong Plant on June 15th, 2001.
Our contact number is the same as before : (02)2274-3545. (02)2277-3233
    http://www.firstseoul.co.kr    e-mail: firstseoul@firstseoul.co.kr
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